About Us

Peoples Global Consultancy (PGC) is a one-of-a-kind organization dedicated to assisting genuine students in obtaining higher education at prestigious universities. We also have great partnerships with major education providers that are suitable for international students in terms of quality and affordability. We act as a liaison between the institutes and the students for Canada, UK, USA, Australia & Sweden.


To be among the world’s most trusted and successful Consultancy institutions. To deliver effortless and unique quality service and dedicate to improve continuously.


Our mission is to enrich the lives of our students, partners, communities and colleagues

Peoples Global Consultancy (PGC) will ensure the genuine students progress to their universities to pursue their program of study, as smoothly as possible without facing any difficulties.



Our counsellors will assist you in creating an education plan and give higher education counseling.

Student Assessment

We will evaluate a student’s academics through their files to link to a specific course and university.

Application & Admission

We will help you with creating your CV and information regarding the admission of a university.

Scholarship Assistance

Universities offer different types of scholarships and discounts. We will find which is eligible for you.

Accommodation Assistance

We can provide you with accommodation inside/outside university.

Credibility Interview Preparation

Our experienced counsellors will help you with Pre-CAS interview with university that you will go to.

Visa Processing

We will help you with the processes of Visa.

Why PGC?

Here at PGC, you are in expert hands. If you wish to study abroad, all your searches end right here. We will help you find your future and take care of all the technical details to make it a smooth process. Contact us so we can help you find wherever your dreams live.

We Put You First

Our experts will guide you right from choosing your course, to admissions, travel and support during your stay

You Can Talk To Us

Our friendly, approachable and multi-lingual consultants are available whenever you need to talk about any aspect of your stay

We Make Connections

We’ve got long-standing connections with many institutions and can connect you to high-quality programs of your choice.

We’re Very Experienced

Our determined and focused team of consultants have helped thousands of students find their perfect course

Want To Learn More About Studying Abroad? Speak To Us

Many of our experts have been international students, so have lots of advice to give.

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