We focus on assisting and guiding students in making the best choices for their educational plans and career goals based on their interests and academic needs in order to discover the finest college or university for them.

Application Processing

Once a suitable university is selected, we will assist students through the assessment process to that university based on their academic results and/or other English efficiency.

Visa Support ​

Our counselors and compliance experts at PGC are dedicated to ensuring that you have a clear path to academic achievement by aiding you in understanding immigration requirements and submitting visa applications.


Studying abroad and living away from home is a big change for international students. One way to minimize is to find a home away from home. We provide all the information you need to accommodate yourself in a place which you can call home again.

How we work?

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When it comes to studying abroad, the possibilities are unlimited. What university should you attend, and what course to take? Our counselors will assist you in making the right decision by providing you with all relevant data and statistics. We offer expert advice and counseling on studying abroad, assisting you in choosing the best universities and courses from those countries.


Outr Student Says

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Securing your dream study program is a complex process. There are a million things to consider and lots of paperwork to do. If you want to make sure you make the right choices, we can help! Our education advisors will guide you in finding the best program for you – and make sure all the practicalities are taken care of.

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