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Founded in 1884, and dedicated to academic excellence for more than 135 years, Bangor University is one of the oldest and most prestigious degree-awarding institutions in the UK, which consists of 160+ buildings, 14 academic departments offering 250+ Undergraduate courses and 150+ Postgraduate courses in 40+ subject areas offered over January and September Intakes.

Who can study at Bangor University?

For Undergraduate:

  • HSC (4.5 GPA or above) will be considered for direct admission to Bachelor’s degree courses.
  • HSC Student (below 4.5 GPA) – plus 1-year Foundation Programme or must obtain a two-year Bachelor Degree (Pass).

For Postgraduate: Bachelor’s Degree (4 years) with an overall grade of GPA 2.5 or 55% or higher.

What can I study at Middlesex University?

Adult Nursing, Adventure Sport Science, Banking and Finance, Biology with/without Foundation year, Business Management, Computer Science, Creative Studies, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Electronic engineering, Environmental Science, Geography, Forestry, Health and Social Care, Law, Marketing, Medical Science, Music, Politics, Psychology and many more.

Campus Tour

Bangor University

Address: Bangor, Gwynedd, LL57 2DG, UK

The distance from Central London to Bangor is 266 miles. it will take 4 hours 50 minutes by car and 4 hours 16 minutes by train

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